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LiMON 4.0.1553- fixed loading and saving project settings
- fixed problems with textures with 3D models
- added support for LAS 1.3 and 1.4
- fixed problems with loading LAS files
- fixed problem with saving point class edition
64bit exe
143.34 MB

LiMON 4.0.1549- fixed 3D models display issues
- fixed 3D models loading issues
- fixed markers display issues
- fixed some Document elements display issues
- updated ULDK
- fixed auto class problem
- fixed intensity display settings
- fixed problem with removing documents
- fixed problem with closing cross section
- improved measure volume tool
- fixed bug report button
64bit exe
152.11 MB

LiMON 4.0.1542- fixed some technical issues64bit exe
142.87 MB

LiMON 4.0.15401540
- added volume measurement functions (measurement tools and documents)
- modified the license manager interface
- fixed an issue with the color of points in some point clouds

- added an option to turn on/off cross section bounding box
- fixed problems with adding 3D models

- the Cross section function has been split into Cross section and Symmetric cross section
- defining camera for cross section was improved
- additional lines were added to Cross section functions to make it more precise
- Auto orient Z option was added to Cross section manager
- added the ability to move the camera to cross section and document functions
- added Multi length function (horizontal and vertical) to Document tools
- modified document properties
- added option to hide unit of measurement to document items property inspector
- added option to switch source of points (print/view) to document property inspector
- added option of auto removing items when document is removed
- fixed ESC button for document functions
- added View tools
- added the function of matching the camera to the line
- fixed problem with incorrect overwriting of image files

- fixed problem with loading .xyz files
- improved Document functions
- added Precision drawing function for distance and area measurement

- new Precision drawing function added
- added the option to insert markers by manually entering coordinates
- added the ability to change the position of the marker name (group properties)
- server connection window has been fixed
- added the ability to change the color of the cursor
- added the function of camera rotation around the Z axis (Alt + LMB)
- added a new function of camera rotation around the X or Y axis (CTRL + Shift + LMB)
- added the ability to change the camera control (Revit style) in Settings
- added a button to save editing of the currently selected cloud (editing toolbar)
- added the function to measure the area in the document
- added the option of saving and reading documents (Project Manager->Document and RMB)
- the dimensional and auxiliary lines of the document were separated
64bit exe
87.55 MB

LiMON 4.0.1495New Features:

- added support for .stl files
- added a link to the contact form in Help
- fixed problem with .pts files

- changed filtering in Choose Coordinate System

- improved WMS
- fixed problem with disappearing point cloud
64bit exe
87.25 MB

LiMON 3.0.1450New features:

- creating 3D surface models based on point clouds

- manual classification of point clouds

- classification of points relative to the active height

- classification of points in a given intensity range

- new licensing system

- hotkeys

- circle marker

- improved interface

- reading the intensity range in the selected area

- corrections of minor bugs
64bit exe
64.91 MB

32bit exe
39.8 MB

64bit msi
64.94 MB

32bit msi
39.83 MB

LiMON 2.9.1415_6464bit exe
65.19 MB

LiMON 2.6.1396 32/64 bit2.6.1396

- new feature: specify the type of data visible in each window

- markers display optimization

- zoom on the displayed points when creating a cross-section

- automatic centering at the point function

- improved cross-section camera with linked views

- minor bugfixes
64bit exe
75.25 MB

32bit exe
47.07 MB

64bit msi
75.28 MB

32bit msi
47.12 MB

LiMON 2.4.1383 32/64 bit2.4.1383

- new feature: delete stored connections to the server and WMS sources

- correction of file color display mode
64bit exe
75.08 MB

32bit exe
46.93 MB

64bit msi
75.11 MB

32bit msi
46.99 MB

LiMON 2.3.1382 32/64 bitNOTE: This version of the program is only compatible with the new version of LiMON Server.

- new feature: support for the new version of the LiMON Server
- new feature: view linking
- new feature: turning off the point clouds in individual views
- new feature: save broken cross section, defined camera and display mode to the project
- new feature: moving document descriptions
- new feature: manual parallax change in stereo view

- interface change: new layout of the view bar
- interface change: added hide button for visible windows
- interface change: added button to create a broken cross section

- bugfixes of existing functions
64bit exe
75.07 MB

32bit exe
46.93 MB

64bit msi
75.11 MB

32bit msi
46.98 MB

LiMON 2.3.1363 32/64 bit- New feature: linear marker
- New feature: polyline cross profile live preview
- New feature: dashed line in documents
- New feature: reverse selection of layers in WMS
- New feature: haircross cursor
- New feature: precision draw (horizontal, vertical, 45º) : cross profile; measuring distance, area; linear, surface and elevation markers; lines in documents
- New feature: separate font settings for labels and dimensions
- New feature: save to the project: document, views and camera settings
- Corrected bug: application crash when renaming or deleting markers
- Corrected bug: dimensions display at high camera zoom
- minor bugs corrected
64bit exe
74.9 MB

32bit exe
46.77 MB

LiMON 2.3.1362 32/64 bit2.3.1362
- reducing memory consumption
- minor bugfixes

64bit exe
74.91 MB

32bit exe
46.78 MB

LiMON 2.3.1352 64/32 bit2.3.1352
- new function: inserting custom text into document page
- new function: center view on selected point
- zoom in - zooming in mouse cursor direction instead of view's center point
- cross-section - added permanent display for eye's viewing direction in source view
- minor bugfixes
64bit exe
74.91 MB

32bit exe
46.78 MB

64bit msi
74.97 MB

32bit msi
46.86 MB