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Point Cloud support

  • Text files (ASCI, TXT)
  • Binary files (LAS, LAZ)
  • PTS

Raster data

  • JP2, J2K
  • ECW

WMS support

  • Source definition
  • Source save / load
  • Layer select
  • Invert X<>Y axis

Point Cloud display modes

  • RGB
  • Intensity
  • Elevation
  • Classification
  • MIX
  • Display schema save / load for all modes

View modes

  • Orthogonal view
  • Perspective view
  • Anaglyph 3D


  • Classes display list
  • Classes display toggle (on/off)

Display options

  • Multiple viewports with full 3D support
  • 2D & 3D rotation, pan, zoom
  • Predefinied views (top, bottom, front, back, right, left)
  • Saving the contain of window as a image file
  • Match view
  • Display scale definition/ blocking rescaling
  • Centering the view in point

Camera definition

  • Camera origin (XYZ)
  • Camera direction (XYZ)
  • Focal length

Clipping box

  • clipping box defnition in view
  • clipping planes definition by values
  • dynamic move

Coordinate systems

  • Full EPSG coordinates support

Point clouds transformation

  • Transformation and saving point clouds to another coordinate system


  • Profile in selected view
  • Polyline profile definition
  • Fixed width / length
  • Z scale factor
  • dynamic move

Point cloud snapping

  • Snapping to the point cloud (on/ff)


  • 3D distance
  • Area

Vector data

  • Point markers
  • Line markers
  • Shape markers
  • Circle markers
  • Relative height markers
  • Markers save / load (KML, SHP, TXT)

Density map

  • Creating density map from loaded point clouds
  • Color schema definiton
  • Sampling area definiton
  • Density levels definition
  • Selected reflections
  • Ignore overlap points (option)

Document creating module

  • Page size/color definition, template recording
  • Setting out of the output scale
  • Dimensioning based on point clouds (distance, height, altitude point, the angle of inclination)
  • Dimension lines and fonts editing
  • Insert and edit names
  • Insert and edit names grid lines
  • Choice  global/relative coordinates
  • Saving as a image file (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TIFF)
  • Export to DXF format (as an integrated raster)

Cooperation with LiMON Server

  • Remote access (LAN/WAN) to data shared by LiMON Server
  • Project selection
  • Choice of data displaying according to the level of density
  • Metadata reading
  • Display scope of the project from the Limon Server
  • Downloading and visualization of LiDAR data

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Defining  keyboard shortcuts to a function
  • Saving and exporting a file with the definition of shortcuts

Building and displaying 3D models

  • Creating 3D models based on point clouds
  • Displaying models in Solid, RGB, Intensity, Elevation, Classification, Mix, File color modes
  • Displaying models wireframe
  • Adjusting the detail render range of models

Manual point cloud classification

  • Definition of own classification schemes
  • Rectangle classification
  • Shape classification
  • Classification above the line
  • Classification below the line
  • Corridor classification
  • Classification with a shape marker
  • Classification by Active Z
  • Classification in a specific intensity range

Automatic point cloud classification

  • automatic classification of ground
  • automatic classification of buildings
  • automatic classification of vegetation
  • editing parameters of all classification modes